Zhang Yimou’s Youngest Son Has Been Admitted to 7 Colleges that Include Yale

Zhang Yimou's Youngest Son Has Been Admitted to  7 Colleges that Include Yale

Zhang Yimou celebrated his 72nd birthday today, April 2. On this day, proud mom Chen Ting took to social media to share the good news about their second son Zhang Yiding 张壹丁 being admitted into an Ivy League school. She writes, “Er Ge (second son) who just turned 18 this year has received admission letters from 7 universities including Yale, he made it into the top 20 in two of those schools and received two outstanding scholarships (including a president’s award). Son has given dad the best birthday gift.”

Chen Ting reveals her son has gotten into Yale

It seems that her announcement invited questions from some netizens who thought that her son was part of the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program which is for US nationals. With citizenship being a sensitive topic China, Chen Ting says, “Yiding’s identity is Chinese. Chinese passport. No American green card and no American passport.”

Zhang Yimou has three kids with Chen Ting – two sons Zhang Yinan, Zhang Yiding and their youngest daughter Zhang Yijiao. Later on, the couple officially became husband and wife when they registered their marriage in 2011. Zhang Mo, Zhang Yimou’s daughter from his previous marriage, is a director while his eldest son Zhang Yinan who turns 21 next month also seems to be set on following his father’s footsteps. With second son Zhang Yiding off to college soon, he certainly has bright prospects whichever school he chooses.

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