Nicholas Tse Is Applying to Renounce His Canadian Citizenship

Nicholas Tse Is in the Process of Renouncing His Canadian Citizenship

In a recent interview, Hong Kong singer-actor Nicholas Tse talks about the questions about his citizenship being Canadian. He says, “Actually, because I was born in Hong Kong, I’m originally Chinese.” He also reveals that he’s already applied for the cancellation of his Canadian citizenship and adds, “whether its food, music or action movies, I really feel that I have the heart or better yet the sense of responsibility to share the good things from the motherland to the world.”

Nicholas Tse’s comments come at a time when there has been a crackdown in the entertainment industry and new sets of rules to adhere to. Given these unprecedented shakeups in C-Ent, various rumors are circulating online. Until now, there are still different theories as to why actress Zhao Wei was mysteriously cancelled. There’s a rumored list of “unethical” people on the blacklist. There are also rumors that celebrities holding foreign citizenship may be next on the chopping block.

Nicholas Tse Is in the Process of Renouncing His Canadian Citizenship

Although these rumors about foreign citizens remain to be rumors, it has brought renewed attention to a list of names. Jet Li who was born in China, gained and renounced his US citizenship before becoming Singaporean in 2009. Zhang Tielin, another Chinese-born actor, holds British citizenship. Other stars include Crystal Liu Yifei who immigrated with her mother to the United States after her parents divorced when she was 10 years old. Will Pan and Wang Leehom are American citizens. Nicholas Tse is among the list as he is known to hold Canadian citizenship along with Mark Chao.

Nicholas Tse’s plans to forego his Canadian citizenship may come as a surprise to some, but it’s not unheard of. Earlier this year, Immortality star Arthur Chen Feiyu who was born in the US officially became a Chinese citizen.

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