Wu Chun Says Their Shanghai Lockdown Began Right After Moving There

Wu Chun Says Their Shanghai Lockdown Started a Day After Moving to China

Bruneian actor-singer Wu Chun and his family have recently moved to China. As it turns out, they are now residing in Shanghai which has been experiencing its biggest COVID outbreak. With full lockdown putting the city to a standstill and mass testings being implemented by the government, Wu Chun reveals how his family is coping.

Wu Chun Exudes Positivity During Difficult Times

Covid-19 testing in Shanghai

Wu Chun shared that they moved to Shanghai on March 30 and that home quarantine began on April 1. On April 10, he writes: “Fortunately, there are many friends who enthusiastically help. There are also vegetable gift packs from the district government. What is even more touching are the dabai (medical frontliners) who work hard day and night for our sakes. Really grateful 🙏❤️.

We are also witnesses to history. This difficult time should also be a time to send positive energy. A little more tolerance, a little more patience. Neighbors need to take care of each other, especially if there are only elderly people at home. Taking good care of yourself and your family is a responsibility towards society💪…

In fact, home isolation can also be fulfilling… There are always ways to make life more meaningful… Do housework to make the home more perfect, challenge yourself by using existing ingredients to make delicious food, exercise more in the sun, read books and videos that bring positive energy to improve yourself💪. A chance to spend ‘Good quality time’ with family❤️.

There is nothing that human beings cannot overcome 💪. Let’s fight together… Jiayou Shanghai, jiayou China, jiayou world 🇨🇳🌍💪. Tomorrow will be better ❤️.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa.”

Life During the Shanghai Lockdown

Wu Chun's house in Shanghai

Wu Chun once shared how his family spent their 30-day home quarantine in Brunei. Now that his family is on lockdown again, he once again shares a glimpse of life in their home.

In a photo, Wu Chun reveals it took 2 days to go through 40 luggages and 80 delivery boxes that were taking up space. He also said it was great to have little helpers – his kids Neinei and Max who helped clean and arrange things. Of course, the family also spent time exercising, making good food and watching movies. They also underwent COVID testing and the results came out negative.

In response to comments from netizens, Wu Chun said he let his kids come to China to learn Mandarin. As for the timing of their move coinciding with the COVID outbreak in Shanghai, he said, “Life is always unpredictable… cherish everyday and always prepare for the worst!” Nonetheless, Wu Chun commented that it was fortunate that they already moved into their new home before the lockdown. And it seems they’re indeed trying to make the best of it.

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