Workplace Drama “Master of My Own” Brings Together Lin Gengxin and Tan Songyun

master of my own
Master of My Own

Watch out for Master of My Own 请叫我总监, a cute workplace romance starring Seven Tan Songyun and Kenny Lin Gengxin, coming out hot on April 26 (postponed to April 29 as it will now air as a TV drama on Dragon TV and online on Youku). Based on the web novel by author Hong Jiu, the domineering boss meets his match in his plucky secretary turned mentee who ends up teaching him a thing or two about life.

We seem to be seeing quite a lot more workplace dramas these days and to be honest, the broody boss and spunky secretary trope seems to be getting really popular. Nonetheless, Master of My Own promises to be a fun little romp balancing the playful side of both Tan Songyun and Lin Gengxin and the “seriousness” of the industry they’re in.

Master of My Own Synopsis

Tan Songyun stars as the plucky heroine Ning Meng who dreams of moving up the corporate ladder to reach the pinnacle of success. Meanwhile, Lin Gengxin plays Lu Jiming, president of the investment firm Ning Meng works in and also her boss.

Master of My Own

Ning Meng has always had big dreams of becoming a director in an investment firm. But like most new graduates, landing a new job a secretary is so far from her dream. Unfortunately for her, her investment savvy boss Lu Jiming doesn’t think she has what it takes to be successful in the industry. Vowing to prove him wrong, she quits her job to show him (and herself) she could do it on her own.

After overcoming several hurdles, Ning Meng finally manages to get a job in another investment firm. Impressed with her grit, an unlikely partnership grows between them  as Lu Jiming begins to mentor her.

The series also stars Liu Chang, Su Xin, Wang Xiu Zhu, and Wang Lina.

Lin Gengxin in Master of My Own
Whoops! Caught red-handed with a photo of the boss stuck on her punching bag
Tan Songyun
Tan Songyun and Lin Gengxin

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