Did Lin Gengxin Just Call Mark Chao Ugly?

mark chao lin gengxin
Lin Gengxin is at it again with his new addition to “Make Mark Chao Look Bad” photo edition and fans are living for it! The actor brought in the laughs when he posted a selfie of himself pointing at a very innocent Mark Chao poster, captioning it: This guy is really ugly. 

The comment section went wild with hilarious memes from fans who refuted his statements by responding, “And you’re good looking?” (ooooff) and sending unflattering pictures of Lin Gengxin. This is all for laughs though, as even the actor himself replied to some of them in funny banters.
mark chao lin gengxin
It’s no news that these two best buds have been going at it for years now, much like the Jimmy Kimmel-Matt Damon “feud”. But instead of dissing each other on camera, they do it by making fun of each other through bad photos. 
Fans first shipped noticed their bromance after working together in the movie Black & White: The Dawn of Justice which was further solidified when the two were cast together in the Detective Dee movie franchise where Lin Gengxin played the Dr. Watson to Mark Chao’s leading role. Since then, the two have been very public with their displays of affection friendship through making fun of each other on social media. Classic!
Are we ever going to get a counterattack from Mark? I hope so! huhu. 
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