Angie Chiu Hardly Aged a Day in New Photos of Her in Ancient Costume

Angie Chiu

67-year-old Angie Chiu hardly looks like she aged a day in the photos she recently popped up on social media wearing period garb. Like her role as Lady White Snake for the 1992 series The Legend of White Snake opposite Cecilia Yip, Angie put on an all white ensemble. She also clutched a white and silver sword like a wuxia heroine. Fans and Netizens meanwhile praised the veteran actress for looking twenty years younger. I mean, seriously, what is her beauty secret?! She looks AMAZING!

Angie or Zhao Yazhi is close to celebrating fifty years in showbiz. But before jumping into the entertainment industry, did you know that she actually won third place in the 1973 Miss Hong Kong pageant? Switching gears to acting, Angie became one of TVB’s hottest stars starring in a plethora of projects such as Chor Lau Heung as well as the classic series The Bund opposite Chow Yun-Fat and Lui Leung-wai.

Angie Chiu Hardly Aged a Day in New Photos of Her in Ancient Costume
“Each person has their own wuxia dreams, an atmosphere of danger, and living a happy existence in the world.”

In recent years, Angie Chiu has been quite active in the Mainland, appearing in cdramas such as 2020’s Imperfect Love 不完美的她 and The Destiny of White Snake the Chinese adaptation of The Legend of White Snake starring Yang Zi and Ren Jialun. Aside from dramas and variety shows, she’s also ventured into live-streaming and actually has her very own Douyin account (Tiktok’s sister app) which she updates fairly religiously.

Angie Chiu in historical garb

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