Veteran Actresses Zhou Xun, Kara Hui and Angie Chiu for Tencent Drama Imperfect Love

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It seems like this really is the year for female-centric dramas as it’s been announced that we have another one in the making! Included as one of the upcoming dramas for the streaming site Tencent, Imperfect Love 不完美的她 appears to have more serious undertones as it revolves around characters trying to find salvation. 

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At the helm are veteran actresses Zhou Xun, Kara Hui, and Angie ChiuAlthough, I’m not sure yet what characters these ladies will be portraying, there’s no question that acting will be top-notch considering how celebrated each of them were and still are even as they are in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s respectively. The thorn among the roses is actor Huang Jue.
zhou xun drama poster
The poster gives out an eerie vibe what with Zhou Xun’s seemingly haunted look. “Even in the darkness, protect the light,” does this mean that the heroine’s in a bad place? Perhaps she has a dark past and can only redeem herself by protecting others? Being the type of person who loves tearjerkers, I’m honestly eager to know more about this series and I’ll definitely be expecting high caliber performances so here’s to hoping that more updates will roll out soon!

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