Chinese Drama Viewership Ratings (week starting March 14, 2022)

Chinese Drama Viewership Ratings (week starting March 14, 2022)
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CSM63 Cities + Online

This week has seen the introduction of several dramas, so let’s get started!! First and foremost, congrats to The Oath of Love, the freshly-released romance drama starring Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan, as it has shot up to 1st in Vlinkage online rankings. Crime drama Under the Skin in 2nd place continues to be the top web drama on the list. The Blue Whisper, a new fantasy romance starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Allen Ren Jialun that has also premiered as a web drama is also off to a strong start in 3rd.

Other dramas that have made the online rankings include Hai Qing, Tong Yao, Zhang Songwen, and Feng Shaofeng’s family drama Life is a Long Quiet River, in 5th, and fantasy romance Be My Princess starring Jeremy Tsui and Zhou Jieqiong in 9th place.

Meanwhile on television, CCTV dramas A Lifelong Journey and Never Give Up are the two dramas with weekly CSM63 ratings above 1%. Two Conjectures About Marriage which had only 1 day of airing left garnered 1.196% for its finale. The Oath of Love takes over its time slot with an average of 0.5% for its first week. Challenges at Midlife averaging at 0.7% also terminates its run to be replaced by Life is a Long Quiet River coming in with numbers above 0.5%. Modern Marriage comes to a close as well with an average for the week of 0.3%.

TV Ratings 

CSM63 Cities 

*The table includes primetime shows that air at 19:30, those highlighted in blue air at 22:00. **Overall rankings are for the shows airing on the same night, regardless of air time. *** Reruns are not included. **** Dramas that air on CCTV (the state television broadcaster in China) are not included.   

Web Rankings

Top Dramas (7-Day)   
1. The Oath of Love
2. Under the Skin 
3. The Blue Whisper
4. A Lifelong Journey 
5. Life is a Long Quiet River
6. Challenges at Midlife
7. Modern Marriage 
8. Royal Feast 
9. Be My Princess
10. Dine With Love 

*Vlinkage Daily Views Index is based on view count, iQIYI Popularity, Youku Popularity, community and media discussions and Baidu search. The 7-day rankings is the calculated average from the daily index. **Celebrity rankings are no longer available as there has been a regulation to remove all celebrity rankings in China.

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