Hu Wenxuan Apologises for Concealing His Relationship After Previously Promising He Won’t Date as an Idol, He Denies Being a Third Party

Hu Wenxuan
Hu Wenxuan

Lately, a number of celebs have been caught in various dating rumors due to paparazzi sightings. The 22-year-old Hu Wenxuan (胡文煊) who was a contestant in survival shows Youth with You in 2019 and We Are Young in 2020 before debuting as part of the boy group S.K.Y. has also been subjected to several dating rumors. Recently, the young idol denied once more the allegations he was a third party in a relationship between two women. He also addressed the many rumors about himself.

Not a Third Party But They Were Indeed In A Relationship

In a lengthy post on social media, Hu Wenxuan explains how assumptions can be wrong and that he was never in a relationship with some of the ladies he’s been linked to. However, there were two that he confirmed.

Last year, he found himself in a sticky situation after he was accused of breaking up the relationship between actress Chen Siqi (陈思琪) and her supposed girlfriend at the time. Chen Siqi denied this and clarified that she was never in a relationship with the woman. She also denied being romantically involved with Hu Wenxuan and said he was a didi (younger brother) to her. Following this, Hu Wenxuan apologised to his family, friends and fans for causing them any concern. He promised that he had no plans at all to get into a romantic relationship especially whilst pursuing a career as an idol.

However, in a reversal from his claim last year, his recent post confirms that they were indeed in a relationship after all. The singer apologised for admitting to it only now. When the relationship was exposed to the public, he said they were already broken up. He said the circumstances of the relationship was pretty normal. There was no “corruption of morals” and most definitely, no such thing as him being a third party. Hu Wenxuan says he’s very grateful to his ex for trying to protect him when she posted a denial and hopes she finds happiness.

He also admitted to the relationship with SNH48 member Feng Yuting (冯雨停) after they were rumoured to be co-parenting the same cat together. “Actually there are two cats, so the rumours that we’re raising a cat together is complete nonsense. But I do not deny that we fell in love a long time ago.

Extortion and Blackmail

In his post, the singer also reiterated that he’s a cheerful person who likes to make friends. “My friends often call me to hang out, and as an adult, I also like to drink. I don’t think much about behaving in a particular way. Of course, this puts me at a distinct disadvantage as people capitalise on this opportunity to splash dirty water on me…” Given that he’s oft photographed whilst out partying with friends, any girl within 2 meters of him has the potential to be rumoured as his lover or girlfriend.

Hu Wenxuan also revealed that he was blackmailed and extorted by people with bad intentions of spreading fake rumours about him. “Some people keep inventing things about my so-called “misdeeds” and spreading them around, then they use it to extort me. I have already reported this to the police and filed a case.”

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