Boy Group Survival Show We Are Young Announces Mentor Lineup Joining Producer Zhang Yixing

we are young zhang yixing
The popularity of talent survival shows has been time tested and proven in recent years. With iQIYi’s Youth With You 2 青春有你2 and Tencent’s soon-to-air Produce Camp 2020 创造营2020 focused on forming girl groups, Youku’s We Are Young 少年之名 promises to be unique as the only male idol survival show this year. 

we are young tiger hu
The show was still called All for One 以团之名 when it aired its first season in 2019 and it looks like the new year brings a rebranding complete with a new name and a new lineup. Zhang Yixing Lay who was recently announced as the producer is joined by four mentors – all-around music mentor Tiger Hu Yanbin, dance mentors Cheng Xiao and Han Yu as well as director Guo Jingming
we are young cheng xiao
We Are Young seems to be upping the ante with its new lineup. Zhang Yixing is already a seasoned presenter having come from Idol Producer 偶像练习生 in 2018 which was then repackaged to Youth with You 青春有你 in 2019. But it’s not only Zhang Yixing whose come from another show. Cheng Xiao was also on Idol Producer as a dance mentor. 
we are young
Tiger Hu was in Produce 101 China and stayed on for another season even after the name change to Produce Camp 2019. Han Yu was the winner of season 1 of Street Dance of China 这! 就是街舞 while Guo Jingming was one of the judges on the acting competition Actor Please Take Your Place 演员请就位.
we are young guo jingming
Being a renowned author, Guo Jingming pokes fun at his own participation by saying, “The other show has a reader (refers to Youth with You 2), we can’t lose, we should have a writer!” He adds that people shouldn’t worry about what he will teach but think about what he can do for the boys. Guo Jingming wrote the lyrics to the theme songs of We Are Young and Produce Camp 2020. 
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