Barbie Hsu’s Mother Seemingly Throws Shade at New Son-In-Law in Her Recent Post

Barbie Hsu's Mother's Recent Post is Seemingly Directed at Her New Son-In-Law
Photo: Barbie Hsu, Dee Hsu and their mom / 小S 徐熙娣 Facebook

It seems that Barbie Hsu’s sudden marriage to Korean musician DJ Koo (Koo Jun Yup) did not sit well with her mom. There were reports that Barbie’s mother Huang Chunmei (黄春梅) and younger sister Dee Hsu also didn’t know about the marriage at first and that Barbie’s mom was mad about being kept in the dark.

Photo: Facebook Post by Barbie Hsu’s Mom / ETtoday

Recently, posts Huang Chunmei made on Facebook that’s seemingly directed at her new son-in-law have been going around online. In the afternoon of March 9, she posted a photo of chickens and the caption, “Noisy, noisy, noisy.” Late night, she wrote, “Ah bah, don’t come to snatch my daughter, son, I will peck you to death…” According to TVBS, Dee Hsu who seems to be the mediator had implied things will be fine. She said, “(We’re) all family, that love each other so much, how long can the silent treatment last” in response to reports that Huang Chunmei is demanding an apology from Barbie Hsu or she won’t meet her son-in-law.

DJ Koo landed in Taiwan on March 9 and is currently undergoing 10-day quarantine.

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