Sharla Cheung Age-Shamed for Reprising Her Zhao Min in a “New Kung Fu Cult Master” Promo Clip

Sharla Cheung in New Kung Fu Cult Master 1

Hong Kong actress Janice Man who recently played Wang Yuyan in another Jin Yong adaptation may now be playing Zhao Min in the reboot of Kung Fu Cult Master, but Sharla Cheung was still able to get in on some of the fun to reprise her original role!

In a promotional clip on the movie’s official Douyin page (电影版倚天屠龙记) entitled “Zhao Min and Xiao Zhao in the same frame across time and space”, the 53-year-old donned the same white and gold outfit Zhao Min wore from Kung Fu Cult Master 29 years ago. Actress Yun Qianqian who plays Xiao Zhao in the new film also appears in the clip. Unfortunately though, some folks just weren’t having it.

Sharla Cheung Makes a Cameo as Zhao Min in the "New Kung Fu Cult Master" Promo
The past and the present collide in a new promotional clip for the New Kung Fu Cult Master 电影版倚天屠龙记

Sharla Age-Shamed?

Some Netizens criticised how tired she looks and how Sharla’s eyes “aren’t as good as they used to be”. “Her eyes are dull and smaller” commented one Netizen. Others have lamented how her appearance totally ruined the image they had of Sharla from their childhood memories. But really, c’mon guys, it’s been 29 years. You wouldn’t really expect her to look the same. Besides, all in all it’s just for fun. I for one wouldn’t mind seeing how the original actors are doing right now, and it’s good to see that she’s still supporting her friend Wong Jing in his endeavour.

Sharla Cheung in 1993’s Kung Fu Cult Master

As some supportive fans have already put it, “no matter how old she is, she’s still the original Zhao Min!

Sharla Cheung playing the zither

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