Sharla Cheung Back in Costume After 29 Years for a Collaboration with Wong Jing

Sharla Cheung in Ke Zhan

Wow Sharla Cheung back in ancient costume sure is a blast from the past! If you’re a lover of the Hong Kong classics, I’m sure you’ll remember Sharla in 1993’s Kung Fu Cult Master directed by Wong Jing where she played Zhao Min. However, Sharla’s return to the genre sadly won’t be because of an appearance in the upcoming New Kung Fu Cult Master 1 倚天屠龍記之九陽神功!

The new Wong Jing film will have Raymond Lam playing Jet Li’s old character Zhang Wuji and Janice Man as his nemesis and love interest Zhao Min. The movie is split into two parts (九陽神功 and 聖火雄風).

Sharla Cheung
Sharla in 1993’s Kung Fu Cult Master

Wong Jing and Sharla Cheung Reunite for a Special Edition of Hi Directors

In a recent episode of the show Hi Directors 导演请指教 where Wong Jing is a series regular, he reconnected with Sharla to collaborate on a super short film entitled Inn 客栈. “I haven’t acted in decades, and I have a lot of feelings about working with director Wong Jing once again. It seems like only yesterday that we were working together, and the scenes we filmed 28 years ago are still fresh in my mind. When we look back at this short film after many years, I believe it will be a good memory between us” wrote the 53-year-old actress. Wong Jing said that their collaboration can be a way to make up for the regret fromKung Fu Cult Master not having a sequel.


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