Jet Li’s 1993 Film Kung Fu Cult Master to Get a Sequel After 26 Years

kung fu cult master 1993
There are movies that deserve a sequel and there are those that don’t. But Jet Li‘s 1993 wuxia classic, Kung Fu Cult Master, certainly deserves so much more so hurray for fans of the movie because the story will finally be continued! 

kung fu cult master sequel wong jing
Prolific film director, Wong Jing, announced the news AND drops a poster with the caption, “I am going to film the new Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber movie. Zhang Wuji finally goes to Dadu to find Zhao Min.” His words are in reference to the cliffhanger ending from the original where Jet Li is off to find Sharla Cheung‘s Zhao Min to rescue the missing members of the six sects. 
kung fu cult master sharla cheung
See? That kind of ending is screaming for a part two! The 1993 film is adapted from the popular Jin Yong novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber so many are already familiar with how the story goes, yet it doesn’t change the fact that many clamour for this version to be finished.  Sadly, despite having a star-studded cast that included the likes of Chingmy Yau, Gigi Lai, Sammo Hung and Francis Ng, Kung Fu Cult Master did not do well at the box office thus cancelling any plans of sequel at that time and leaving all the fans in dread. 
So even though it’s over two decades late, I’m glad they’re continuing this, I know two people who would be over the moon about this (me and my dad)! Although, it’ll probably be a Christmas miracle to see the old cast back so we can expect new ones. As long as Jet Li is in it in some way, I’m up for it! 
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