Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi Slam Divorce and Third Party Rumors, He’s Seen with a Wedding Ring in His New Profile Pic

Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi Slam Divorce and Third Party Rumors, He's Seen with a Wedding Ring in His New Profile Pic
Nicky Wu’s new profile photo and his wedding photo with Liu Shishi / Weibo

With so many divorces in C-ent this year alone from Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming to Janice Wu and Zhang Yujian, it seems that attention has turned to Scarlet Heart couple Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu Shishi.

On February 25, a blogger with the Weibo handle Zhang Xiaohan (吃瓜少女张小寒) shared a comic to tell the story of an older male celebrity who left his manager girlfriend that he’s secretly dated for over 10 years to marry a female celebrity. However, a younger female assistant came along. He was even spotted wearing couple outfits with her. Netizens concluded that the blind item was about the 51-year-old Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi who is 17 years younger. Furthermore, the last drawing looked like their wedding photo.

blind item about nicky wu and liu shishi
Photo: 吃瓜少女张小寒 / Baidu

Nicky’s side quickly dispelled the rumors. He also changed his profile picture on Weibo that same day. Although he used a photo taken for a promotional poster for his new show, netizens believe it’s telling that he is wearing his wedding ring.

Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi Release a Joint Statement

Two days later, Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi issued joint statements to say that all is well. They write, “Life is ours. Didn’t want to respond publicly, but it has disturbed our lives and our family and friends. Please don’t spread false information. We have always been doing well. Thank you for your concern.” Their legal representatives indicated that Zhang Xiaohan has released false information about about their clients through her comic. They said that some online users have taken the opportunity to disseminate rumors such as “Nicky Wu cheated,” “Nicky Wu Liu Shishi Divorce,” etc. They’ve issued notices at first instance but some infringements are still continuing. They listed some of the online users in their statement and indicated they will be taking legal action.

It is not the first time Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi have dispelled divorce rumors. Two years into their marriage, they also issued a statement through their legal representatives in April 2018 to shut down the rumors about them.

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