Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Dispel Divorce Rumors

Nicky Wu Liu ShiShi dispel divorce rumors
You might remember Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi getting married in fabulous Bali back in March 2016 after dating for over 3 years after acting in the drama, Scarlet Heart, in 2011. 

Rumors such as the couple getting divorced or Liu Shishi being pregnant with another man’s baby have been circulating the internet and I guess it was getting out of hand that they had to involved to release a joint statement through their lawyer.
Beijing Xingquan Law Firm release a joint statement on behalf of Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi last Friday, April 13th.  In the statement, it was stated that the malicious rumors are being disseminated by irresponsible netizens which have received a massive amount of unwanted attention.  
Nicky Wu Liu ShiShi dispel divorce rumors
This resulted to the couple, Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi, being severely criticized and stigmatized by the public and their peers. It further explained that it has disrupted the couples normal course of life and consequently affected their public image.  
The document further states that as of statement release date, the rumor continues to circulate and is still receiving malicious and demeaning comments which, under the law, constitute to a cyber crime. 
Nicky Wu Liu ShiShi dispel divorce rumors
The law firm emphasizes that it will adopt a zero tolerance attitude towards people who will continue to disseminate any false information relating to the couple.  It has also called the attention of all media outlets to uphold their journalistic integrity and report only the truth. The law firms have already sent out warnings and advised netizens to immediately delete any comments or posts relating to the fake news because failure to do so will have its consequences including but not limited to civil suits and criminal liability.   
We’re used to seeing actors and actresses fight off rumor but we don’t usually see them to take it to this level of severity. It must have really affected them that much that they have to get their lawyers involved. 
I am glad that Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi are taking proactive action. It protects Liu Shishi‘s name as it’s her name that’s being dragged into the mud and it’s nice to see the husband defend his wife’s honor this way. I admire Nicky Wu more after this!
Nicky Wu Liu ShiShi dispel divorce rumors
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