Ken Chu Says There’s No One He Was Close with When Seemingly Asked About F4

Ken Chu
Ken CHu with his wife

As a former member of the famous Taiwanese idol group F4, Ken Chu needs no further introduction. Yet despite the band’s uber popularity, Ken says he doesn’t have a lot of friends. One would think that he’s at least good friends with his former bandmates who like him were suddenly thrust into the spotlight almost overnight.  But alas, Ken hinted that that might not be the case after all.

In a old interview, Ken who was just 22 when the drama Meteor Garden‘s skyrocketing popularity practically made them idols overnight said that he was “Unhappy. Very unhappy. I didn’t wanna do it. You don’t wanna do what other people tell you to do. Having everyone love you is a great thing. But having too much attention on you and receiving too much love is also very agonising.

He Wasn’t Really Close to Anyone

Almost twenty years later today, Ken was once again interviewed by media who asked him who his three closest friends were at 25. After staying silent for a couple of seconds, Ken finally answered “no one, I didn’t have anyone who I was super close to”. It’s worth remembering that when he was 25, this was around the time when the band still enjoyed immense popularity in Asia. Hence Ken’s subsequent reaction and answer to the question seems to suggest that perhaps his relationships with the other members Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu and Vic Chou were not as close as we think, and perhaps even strained?

This also kind of validates what Jerry and Vanness had already spoken about as one of the reasons for their disbandment in a recent episode of Welcome Back to Sound – that it was mainly a work relationship and that they weren’t exactly friends. That had they felt “safe” around each other and had built that trust, perhaps things might have ended differently for the band.

Ken Chu
less is more when it comes to friends

Ken Chu believes that having friends is important but that it shouldn’t be one of the most important things in your life. He shared that when he was younger, because he never stayed in one place for too long, it made staying in contact with the friends he made a lot harder. Subscribing to the “quality over quantity” attitude when it comes to making friends, the singer-actor also shared a post on social media, reaffirming that “less is more when it comes to his friends”. When asked who he considers his closest friends at the age of 43, he said “my wife is one of them. No one else.

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