Jin Dong Angrily Responds to Rumours He Owes Crew Money in Back Wages

Jin Dong
Jin Dong

A Weibo account with the handle Beijing Co-Production Actor’s Guild recently accused actor Jin Dong, known for hits like The First Half of My Life, Ode to Joy and Nirvana in Fire, of owing money to hundreds of unpaid crew members of Lin Shen Jian Lu 林深见鹿. It is his newest drama with actress Li Xiao Ran that completed filming on January 25, 2022.

Tagging the actor (supposedly because he is an investor and shareholder in the series), the drama’s official page as well as a bunch of other accounts such as the Beijing Actors Guild and the NRTA, the account demanded payment for the crew’s back wages. “For the actors, a few thousand yuan is worth a month’s living expenses. There are people who might not even be able to pay rent. I contacted the relevant leaders of the production crew, and they themselves said that their own salaries remain to be unpaid and that there was no way to ask for payment” the post said. After sharing another update to confirm that everyone’s salaries have been settled, the account appears to have been deleted and “is no longer available”.

Jin Dong’s Response

Jin Dong

Unexpectedly received a lot of messages saying the new series has just wrapped. How could this have happened, what went wrong. The problem is that there’s no cost to spreading rumours. Even if it’s putting the cart before the horse. A housefly that stings someone blames the person instead for not letting it suck enough blood. What’s the logic in this. People who love me always tell me not to bother. But I don’t think (accusations like) this should be tolerated as already proven last time on September 2017. No. Never.

Jin Dong probably hadn’t had enough time to calm down as barely an hour later, he followed up the post with a short statement saying “this is their distorted mindset”.

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