The First Half of My Life Will Be Getting A Sequel!

The First Half of My Life Will Be Getting A Sequel!
the first half of my life
Hold on to your hats because the moment fans of the highly successful drama The First Half of My Life 我的前半 have been waiting for is here! 

A few years in the making, but the sequel to the original has been confirmed a go! Now I’ll give you guys a moment to pick your jaw off the ground and collect your thoughts because this is exciting news for fans who’ve been cheering on our tenacious housewife from the start. Most viewers probably did not expect themselves to be so emotionally invested in the story of a housewife who attempts to soldier on with her life after her husband divorces her. And yet the well made drama with its beautiful cinematography, not to mention the stellar acting from Ma Yili’s Zi Jun who transforms from a pitiful divorced woman to a strongly independent lady, as well as actor Jin Dong’s strong performance (eek!) as He Han certainly captivated the hearts of fans who went along for the journey. 

the first half of my life
Anyway, most of you will probably be asking what the sequel will be about and whether we’ll be seeing a reunion of the original cast. But aside from confirming that the follow up to the highly successful prequel is in the works, everything is still under wraps (which is the worst kind of suspense IMHO). 

As to what it will be, your guess is a good as mine. The most popular choice is ultimately for role reprisals from the original cast; while others have surmised that the second season will have to feature all new characters with a different story line.

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