Jin Dong and Wang Ou’s ‘Almost’ On-Screen Relationships in Three Dramas

wang ou jin dong best partner
As the old adage goes, third time’s the charm right? The number three is considered lucky by some but funnily enough co-stars Jin Dong and Angel Wang Ou’s on-screen work relationship seems to have completely missed that boat! The pair have been collaborating in a couple of projects here and there and the TV gods made sure that the two’s fates are constantly intertwined – except that by the time The Best Partner 精英律 rolled around, there’s still no happy ending between their characters since they are now exes and she’s married another man. 

Netizens at least are getting a jolly laugh out of this development, dubbing it as Jin Dong and Wang Ou’s literal “Three Lives and Three Worlds” (no peachy ending for either though) – from the ancient times in Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜, to the Republican era in Disguiser 伪装, and now to the modern age in The Best Partner. 
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I guess the closest thing Jin Dong’s characters ever got to “capturing” Wang Ou’s was literally when she (as Qin Banruo) got caught trying to flee the capital and was interrogated by Jin Dong (as Langya Hall’s master Lin Chen) in Nirvana in Fire. On the other hand, Ming Lou and Man Chun in Disguiser could perhaps have once been possible had the odds and the war were not stacked against them. But her transformation to a ruthless psychopath didn’t exactly endear her to Ming Lou and was probably one of the reasons why that relationship was so ill fated. 
wang ou jin dong disguiser
In The Best Partner, Wang Ou makes a special appearance as Lan Hong. She approaches Jin Dong’s Luo Bing as a client, but he is reluctant to take on her case since he doesn’t want to face her husband, thus causing Lan Hong to ask if Luo Bing still hasn’t gotten over her? 
wang ou jin dong liu mintao best partner

From enemies to exes, guess these two were just not fated to end up with each other huh. And yes, Liu Mintao who plays Jin Dong’s big sis in Disguiser is also in the same drama. 

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