Jackson Yee is Now the Youngest Actor Whose Films Have Exceeded 10 Billion in the Chinese Box Office

Jackson Yee
Jackson Yee
Photo: Jackson Yee Studio / Weibo

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! With the Spring Festival upon us, you can be sure that the battle for box office greatness is now raging amongst the films released during this festive season. One thing’s for sure, whilst we’re only into day two of the Spring Festival, I reckon it’s safe to say that 21-year-old actor Jackson Yee has already emerged a big winner this festive season. Yep, Jackson is now the youngest actor ever to have his movies exceed the RMB 10 billion mark (approx 1.57 billion USD) in the box office.

Jackson Yee presently has two films out. The first one being the sequel to last year’s uber patriotic The Battle of Lake Changjin entitled The Battle at Lake Changjin 2: Water Gate Bridge 长津湖之水门桥 and Nice View 奇迹笨小孩 which, as of press time has already hit RMB 820 million and RMB 227 million in revenue respectively. And that’s just the numbers on the second day! Both films are expected to reach RMB 1 billion soon.

Jackson Yee Hits Past 10 Billion
Photo: Sohu / Weibo

Throw those numbers in with his previous box office hits such as The Battle of Lake Changjin (RMB 5.757 billion) , Better Days 少年的你 (RMB 1.558 billion) and A Little Red Flower 送你一朵小红花 (RMB 1.433 billion) and that’s how he found himself to be the first actor of the 00’s generation to make it past the 10 billion mark.

Spring Festival 2022

Meanwhile, war films appear to be the prevalent theme in the Spring Festival this year with The Battle at Lake Changjin 2: Water Gate Bridge and Sniper 狙击手, while films like Boonie Bears: Back to Earth 熊出没·重返地球, Dunk for Future 喜洋洋与灰太狼之筐出未来 and Run Tiger Run! 小虎墩大英雄 make the usual animated lineup. Likewise, there’s Nice View 奇迹笨小孩 bringing in some romance and drama to the set and Only Fools Rush In 四海 shaking it up with a little bit of comedy and a little bit of drama. Last but not the least, Too Cool to Kill 这个杀手不太冷 balances things out with some laugh out loud comedy.

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