Liu Yifei Has Not Fully Recovered From An Old Injury

Crystal Liu Yifei
Photo: Liu Yifei / Weibo

Crystal Liu Yifei recently sat down with media for a quick chat and spilled the tea about an old injury which she says continues to plague her to this day. It’s been ten years since she hurt her spine whilst filming a project, yet the 34-year-old actress says her body hasn’t fully recovered and that she continues to feel some pain until now.

“Saving Her Neck”

Nowadays, Liu Yifei actually wears a neck brace to protect her spine. The actress is known to shoot her own action scenes that often require her to be suspended down from a wire. Whilst filming her new historical drama Meng Hua Lu just a few months ago, Liu Yifei was indeed wearing her trusty neck brace to protect her old injury. Yet you’ll never hear her complaining about her situation though.

Ever the consummate professional, Liu Yifei doesn’t let her pain affect her work and says she usually “forgets” about it once the director calls action. It only comes back when they finish filming. Moreover, the actress says she doesn’t let people’s compliments get to her head. When it comes to criticism however, it appears she’s also refreshingly pragmatic. “If there’s something wrong, you also have to acknowledge and recognise it” she says.

Liu Yifei getting acupuncture
Now I don’t know anything about acupuncture, but perhaps this post of hers from last year is for her old spinal injury?

On the Subject of Beauty

As the industry’s resident “Fairy Sister”, Liu Yifei surely knows a thing or two about being praised for her looks and her beauty. For her however, beauty is just beauty if a person has no substance. And while each person’s perception of beauty is different, your outside appearance must match what’s within. Simply put, appearances aren’t everything and it’s when a person is able to fully express both that they are the most beautiful.

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