Eddie Peng Wins Suit Against Gossip Platform Over Rumors He’s Gay

Eddie Peng Wins Suit Against Gossip Platform Over Gay Rumors

Almost a year after rumours that Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng was coming out of the closet with his supposed lover Danson Tang started circulating, the actor finally gets the apology he is due.

Fake. Senseless. Rotten to the core” was Eddie’s angry response after rumours that he planned to go public with his supposed romance began gathering traction on social media in January of 2021. Eddie Peng Studio additionally threatened those insisting on spreading lies and rumours with legal action. Meanwhile, Danson’s studio similarly slammed the speculations, declaring it “Fake!”

Eddie Peng Studio Statement
Eddie Peng Studio shares the public apology from a gossip platform

Well this week, Eddie is finally vindicated. A lawyer’s statement shared by the actor’s studio said that since January 2021, the hype around baseless and unverified rumours such as those pertaining to “Eddie Peng and a male artist coming out of the closer” or “Eddie Peng and a male artist’s romance” etc have all negatively affected Eddie’s life and his work. Thanking the law for upholding justice and to everyone for their care and support, Eddie Peng Studio also shared the apology published by one of the gossip platforms found responsible for spreading the malicious rumours online.

This will no doubt serve as a warning to marketing accounts and wagging tongues that actions do have consequences, and that if you think slandering someone is okay, you better think again.

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