Eddie Peng Slams Romance Rumours with Danson Tang

Eddie Peng and Danson Tang Rumours

The rumour mill has churned out some pretty unusual things in the past but an orchestrated coming out (of the closet) between Eddie Peng and actor Danson Tang is certainly one coming waaay out of left field this week. Supposedly, the pair were making the announcement to declare their romance with Eddie outing himself first on social media and then Danson reposting the announcement later.

Eddie Peng Statement

Whatever the case, both actors have quickly issued statements via their studios to shut down the speculation. Eddie Peng Studio issued a warning that threatened perpetrators of the malicious and fabricated rumours with legal action. Eddie himself rather angrily slammed the malicious gossip with just seven characters “假的 无聊 烂透了” roughly translating to “Fake. Senseless. Rotten (to the core).” Meanwhile Danson’s studio had this to say: “fake rumours! Fake!”. They also reminded Netizens to not to give such spiteful speculations the time of day and encouraged everyone to maintain a good and healthy environment on the internet.

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