Single for Five Years, Eddie Peng Admits That He’s Still Looking for Love

eddie peng
Taiwanese Canadian actor Eddie Peng recently popped into the set of popular talk show A Date with Luyu (鲁豫有约). Aaaaaand because Luyu is often regarded as the “Chinese Oprah”, you can be sure that this will be an “anything goes”/ anything under the sun type of conversation between the two. Eddie had quite the unexpected answer when Luyu asked him “what is the one thing that you wished you could get back, anything at all” – he answered “my first love”.  That was definitely a great segue to launch into Eddie’s love life which he thankfully talked about rather candidly as well. 

eddie peng
“What do you want to get back?”
Already single for five years, Eddie Peng revealed that “first love was when he felt the happiest”, explaining that succeeding relationships did not have the same “feeling” of being “I’m totally in love” and that was what made it the most memorable. Otherwise, he said, “I just haven’t met the right person yet”. But maybe, he says in his typical cheeky manner, “after this interview (airs) I just might find her!”
eddie peng a date with luyu
“My first love”
Here’s an idea, since Eddie is still searching for his soul mate, maybe he should take a page out of Joe Chen’s book and also sign up for Meeting Mr Right if and when season 3 happens. You never know … 
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