“Back for You” Starring Angelababy and Wang Anyu Brings Many Cameos

Angelababy and Wang Anyu Back for You

After starring in Love the Way You Are with Lai Guanlin, Angelababy wraps up another jie di lian (姐弟恋) or older woman-younger man romance. In the Republican drama Back for You 漫影寻踪, the 32-year-old actress plays a painter named Luna opposite the 23-year-old Wang Anyu who plays police detective A-Lai. Actor Kuang Muye will also be joining them to play A-Jia.

Back for You began filming back in November 2021. Whilst both leads Angelababy and Wang Anyu have completed shooting their scenes right before Christmas, the rest of the cast officially wrapped its filming activities last week.

Angelababy and Zhang Yujian Back for You

As for the storyline, not much is known about the plot for now except that the unlikely pair are going to be solving a collection of mysteries hence the anthology set up. That probably explains why a host of other actors will be making guest appearances on the series. Check out Baby looking ready to kick some butt in a demure white dress beside a familiar face – that of Zhang Zujian’s who’s making a cameo.

Speaking of special guest appearances, Zhang Yujian won’t be the only one popping up on the series. There’s also k-pop star turned actress Cheng Xiao, Sheng Yinghao, Yu Xiaotong, Wang Zixuan, Jelly Lin Yun, etc. who will be appearing in Back for You at one point or the other.

For now though, enjoy some of the posters from the show.

Angelababy Republican costume
Wang Anyu
Sheng Yinghao and Cheng Xiao
Liu Xun and Jelly Lin Yun

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