Cheng Xiao’s Little Sister Cheng Chen Trends on Social Media

Cheng Xiao's Little Sister Trends on Social Media

A short clip of Cheng Xiao’s (程潇) little sister Cheng Chen (程晨) dancing to “Nothin’ on You” has gotten her trending on the Weibo hot search, mostly because everyone is marvelling at the good genes that run in their family.

Cheng Xiao first debuted as part of Comic Girls in 2016. Many witnessed her journey from k-pop star to actress, but did you know that her sister actually started out as a child star? Cheng Chen who’s 16 is six years younger than Cheng Xiao. However, she entered the industry much earlier since she’s been singing in talent competitions and children’s shows since she was young. Cheng Chen once said on a show that she misses her older sister who was in South Korea at the time.

Cheng Xiao's Little Sister Trends on Social Media

Earlier this year, there were rumors that Cheng Chen has already signed with Yuehua Entertainment, the same agency as Cheng Xiao. There’s no question that both sisters have the visuals and the star quality to boot. Cheng Chen has certainly grown over the years, and she is said to be one of the trainees in an upcoming talent show set for 2021.

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