“Love the Way You Are” Finds Angelababy and Lai Guanlin in a “Jie Di Lian”

Love the Way You Are stars Lai Guanlin and Angelababy

Following the success of Victoria Song and Song Weilong’s Find Yourself last year, interest in jie di lian  (姐弟恋 older woman-younger man romance) dramas seem to be on the uptick. There’s the recently aired The Rational Life starring Qin Lan as a 30 something professional and her young assistant Dylan Wang, as well as Yang Mi and Xu Kai’s upcoming She and Her Perfect Husband. Now, demand for the genre may be a bit of a niche still, but producers seem to have taken note of its potential as evidenced by the newly-announced Love the Way You Are 爱情应该有的样子. It features the pairing of Angelababy, 32, and Lai Guanlin, 19, who are twelve years apart in real life.

In the drama’s boot ceremony held in Shanghai today (June 28), Love the Way You Are confirmed Angelababy will be playing Yin Ye, a 35-year-old “superwoman” who tirelessly takes care of everyone around her except herself. By a stroke of coincidence (or fate) Yin Ye reconnects with Xu Guangxi (Lai Guanlin), a young man she once knew who is now back for good after several years studying overseas.

Production also confirmed its casting line up which includes Tian Yitong, Liu Yitong, Zhang Tao, Ling Meishi and Guan Zijing in supporting roles.

Love the Way You Are

Here’s a look at the drama’s boot ceremony and some posters for a firsthand look at the pair’s visuals in the drama.

Love the Way You Are Feat Angelababy and Lai Guanlin
Love the Way You Are Poster

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