Annie Yi’s Son Who Once Drew Negative Attention for Wearing Drag Explains His Clothing Choices

Annie Yi's Son Who Once Drew Negative Attention for Wearing Drag Explains His Clothing Choices
Photos: Annie Yi (伊能靜) and Harrison Yu (En-Li恩利) / Weibo

Annie Yi has always been steadfast in her support for her 19-year-old son Harrison Yu (庾恩利). When photos of him in drag first emerged in 2020, it ignited debate. While some showed support, some bashers didn’t exactly hold back on their comments. It came to a point that Harrison worried the negative attention might impact his mum’s career. Yet Annie told him to just be himself 100%.

In a recent interview with Chinese fashion magazine SUPER世界青年, the aspiring musician talked about his views on clothes and how clothes for him are gender neutral. His number one supporter Annie once again stepped up to say “this is my son, I love him”. The proud mum also accompanied her post on social media with some snippets from Harrison’s interview. Clothes for him are just clothes and shouldn’t define a person. It’s worth noting here that Harrison also puts out a lot of OOTDs wearing both men’s and women’s clothing.

Photo: @sprinkle_my_tinkle / IG

He said, “I like innovative things and I will never be satisfied with being just ‘current’. This is probably a perk of being young, having nothing to lose and having no such thing as failure, so just do it.” It isn’t necessary to set goals because every minute of every day, all he’s thinking about is how to evolve. Breaking norms and boundaries has become quite the norm for him. Moreover, Harrison believes that the world should not only have a unified aesthetic standard, “A garden will be attractive because it has different plants. It is because of differences that the garden is more beautiful.” Harrison also reveals that the way he dresses is oft based on how he feels. “What I wear depends entirely on my situation for the day.”

Just shows you how supportive his family that he can be super confident and secure enough to stick with his own ideas and at such a young age too, so kudos to his parents! It is reported by Taiwanese media that Harrison’s dad singer Harlem Yu supposedly wasn’t too keen on his outfit choices at first but he eventually came around and decided to respect his son’s choices. Annie though supported him from the very first, telling him he’s free to be himself however he wants.

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