Neo Hou Minghao joins the Hesong Entertainment Family!

Neo Hou Minghao

It’s full steam ahead for young actor Neo Hou Minghao. The actor joins the Hesong Entertainment fam with an eye towards further growing his acting career and expanding his brand. In their announcement yesterday December 27, Hesong Entertainment confirmed that they will fully manage Neo’s acting career and help him achieve his personal career goals.

Moving forward with new friends!” gushed an excited Hou Minghao on social. Like his Back from the Brink co-star Zhou Ye whose career is also managed by Hesong, the actor joins several industry “seniors” in his new home such as actress Li Bingbing who is the co-founder of Hesong and Zhao Liying. Marvelous Women’s Zhang Huiwen, Cheney Chen, as well as Gulinazha are also under the agency. Li Bingbing and Zhao Liying in fact, wrote a quick little post to also welcome their new friend Xiao Hou (Little Hou) into the fold.

Zhao LIying welcomes Neo Hou Minghao

Neo Hou Minghao will be starring in the upcoming series Back from the Brink opposite actress Zhou Ye. This is actually the first time he’s trying his hand at the xianxia romance genre.

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