Li Bingbing’s Outfit Reported By Netizen For Being Too Risqué

Li Bingbing
LI Bingbing

Today, Li Bingbing’s name shot up in the trending list after a male Netizen unexpectedly reported her video on the Douyin app deeming the outfit she was wearing a tad too revealing. For her OoTD, the actress was rocking a monochromatic white top and pants combo, adding a little festive cheer by pairing her wide-leg pants with a sparkly top with a deep V-neckline. On Li Bingbing, the entire outfit looks simple, fresh and fashion forward. Not so according to the Netizen. Apparently, her video was reported because her “inappropriate” way of dress “teaches the wrong thing” to children. What’s worse, the person allegedly succeeded with reports that Li Bingbing’s video’s been taken down.

This sort of reminds me of actress Jing Tian’s dress which got a Photoshop “makeover” after failing to pass the censors when it barely showed a sliver of skin! A large number of Netizens meanwhile protested against this kind of reasoning. They said women can wear whatever they like and what they feel comfortable in. We are after all well into the twenty-first century already. Hard to believe there are still folks who think telling women how to dress is okay.

“Pre-Approved and Found to Have No Violation Before it Was Released”

In response to this, Li Bingbing Studio issued a statement today to say that the video was in fact shot and edited by the platform’s official team. It has been found to have no violation prior to being uploaded on social media. Likewise, the video is still available for viewing online and not taken down, proving that it complies with all of the platform’s rules and policies.

Statement from LI Bingbing Studio

Moreover, they also said that they will be pursuing legal action against those slandering and insulting the actress. They will be entrusting evidence they have already gathered to their lawyer.

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