Jing Tian’s Dress Gets a Photoshop Makeover from the CCTV Censors

Jing Tian Photoshop
Jing Tian looking fresh and sweet for CCTV's Dragon Boat Festival celebration

Rattan 司藤 actress Jing Tian may have just landed herself on the censor police’s naughty list last night for her choice of dress at CCTV’s Dragon Boat Festival celebration. Wearing a floaty sea foam green dress with a plunging neckline, Jing Tian looked super fresh and pretty. But not everyone seems to have thought so what with the surprise “makeover” her dress received. Yep, the show photoshop-ed out the sliver of skin shown by the deep V of her dress and covered it up.

JIng Tian Before and After Photoshop
Before and After Editing

It’s likely her dress’ plunging neckline might have been deemed a little too racy for the conservative network. But either way, this isn’t the first time the network “corrected” outfits that failed to pass muster with a wave of their Photoshop magic wand. TF BoysJackson Yee had his white shirt switched to black and the neckline raised, not to mention a few tweaks in his accessories made for an old CCTV event poster. Likewise, Allen Ren Jialun’s red knit sweater received a similar treatment when the posters ditched the “holes” purposely placed as part of the design.

While Jing Tian’s dress might look totally acceptable to most people, I guess the network sure is taking its artists roles in setting good examples and promoting wholesome family values pretty seriously.

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