Zhao Lusi Tells Antis to Stop Sending (Green) Tea

Zhao Lusi Tells Antis to Stop Sending (Green) Tea

Zhao Lusi has a sweet image from many dramas where she often plays the quirky heroine. However, the actress who just turned 23 on November 9 has gained flak in the past for liking a post dissing Wu Xuanyi or posting about Xiao Zhan only for it to revealed that neither was done by her. Last year, netizens assumed that director Yu Zheng was implying that she was a “green tea b*tch” which he completely denied.

Nonetheless, it seems that some antis continue to use the term. In a recent livestream, some people sent her several “green tea” emojis. “Green tea” is a a derogatory slang for women who pretend to be innocent when they’re not. The actress boldly responds to her antis by saying, “Thank you for treating me to tea, I’m very grateful to you, it’s been a year and still don’t understand what those words mean? Stop sending me this nonsense.” She even said people who want to watch her should watch but if they don’t want to watch her, there’s really no need to send her anything. At one point, Zhao Lusi playfully wiggled her eyebrows to address the question of why she has one thick eyebrow and one thin eyebrow. She said, “Sorry, I really have uneven eyebrows and it’s getting worse because every time I speak, I look like this.”

Towards the end, Zhao Lusi says, “I’m not mad, I’m not mad.” Still, it didn’t stop her from boldly telling antis not to use their side accounts but to reveal their actual ID’s. When one suggested for Zhao Lusi to ignore those people and just interact with her fans, she said, “I think they (fans) want me to scold them (antis) too.”

Zhao Lusi livestream
Screencap from Zhao Lusi’s livestream

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