Zhao Lusi Spotted Liking Douyin Videos Throwing Shade at Other Celebs, Turns Out Her Phone was Stolen

Zhao Lusi Spotted Liking Douyin Videos Throwing Shade at Other Celebs, Turns Out Her Phone was Stolen

Zhao Lusi recently trended for liking and sharing a post dissing singer-actress Wu Xuanyi that says, “Wu Xuanyi can’t compete with Zhao Lusi.”

It Wasn’t Her

The video compilation claimed that Wu Xuanyi’s resources are not as good as Zhao Lusi, that she doesn’t have acting projects to film and can only stick to variety shows and that the two are not even on the same level. Looking closely at Zhao Lusi’s Duoyin account, netizens noticed that she also liked a post comparing her with singer-actress Ju Jingyi and asking whose voice is more captivating.

As Zhao Lusi drew flak, a past incident where Zhao Lusi had liked and unliked a post calling Victoria Song’s Golden Eagle Goddess outfit strange which she already apologized for was brought up once more. Some also recalled how a screenshot where Zhao Lusi reportedly said she likes Xiao Zhan turned out to be fake. As it turns out, Zhao Lusi’s unusual Duoyin activities this time were done by another person that has maliciously logged into her account.

Statement from Zhao Lusi’s Studio

Today, some netizens discovered that artist Zhao Lusi’s Duoyin account has made a large number of shares, comments and likes, which has aroused public discussion and adversely affected Ms. Zhao Lusi. The studio states the following:

The likes and comments made that have caused adverse effects today were not posted by Ms. Zhao Lusi herself. After the incident, we checked the login activities on the device. The account showed that the last login time of the device was 17:10:38. Another Motorola mobile phone logged into the account at 19:05:29. It is suspected that the cellphone used was the one Ms. Zhao Lusi lost while filming “A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College.”

Because the Motorola device has been continuously liking, sharing and commenting on content, the staff immediately changed the account settings to private and also changed the password. The internet is not an unlawful place. Hope that the party who found the mobile phone will stop committing illegal activities and that netizens will stop disseminating screenshots. Ms. Zhao Lusi and her studio will reserve the right to pursue legal action against those who spread false news and rumors.

Zhao Lusi Studio
April 22, 2021

Zhao Lusi In Hot Water for Liking Posts Dissing Other Celebs, Turns Out Her Phone was Stolen

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