Yu Zheng Responds to Claims That His Green Tea Photo Was Directed at Zhao Lusi


Zhao Lusi was the name trending yesterday after people accused the actress of trying to rustle up some publicity through her Oh! My Emperor co-star Xiao Zhan. If you think the issue is all done and dusted, think again because it actually birthed another issue with Yu Zheng’s name accidentally dragged into the fray this time. 

You see, the producer shared a photo of a cup of green tea with the caption chi gua 吃瓜 on Oasis. Loosely translated, chi gua basically refers to gossipy Netizens who are there for the “dirt” but refrain from commenting on the topic. Given the photo as well as the timing of Yu Zheng’s post, some Netizens quickly jumped to the conclusion that the producer was throwing shade at Zhao Lusi. With people calling the actress a “green tea bitch”, and the hashtag subsequently trending on the Weibosphere, you can see how Netizens could’ve possibly ended up with this assumption.

yu zheng green tea photo

In Chinese slang, green tea bitch 绿茶婊 is an insulting term used to describe women who try to appear pure and innocent (basically pretending they’re good girls). In reality, they are calculating and manipulative with the sole intent of getting ahead.

Anyway, in Yu Zheng’s case, the producer wrote a long statement addressing Netizen’s claims. In it, he said anyone whose star is on the rise should expect to face all kinds of rumours without exception. And to make sure everyone understands that he is referring to Zhao Lusi, he even tagged her handle directly. Yu Zheng praised both the actress’ appearance and performance and said that she definitely has the chance to reach the peak of her career. He also pointed out that whilst she can be a bit thoughtless, she is definitely not motivated by fame and material things.

He added, “her team definitely wants her to do well, it’s just that they haven’t quite mastered the ropes yet.” He reveals that he got a phone call from Zhao Lusi’s boss because of what he posted on Oasis. Although he was a little angry, he understood that her boss is not a celebrity and doesn’t know how to handle negativity. After venting and clarifying things, Yu Zheng says that he had a chat with Zhao Lusi which was fairly transparent.

Yu Zheng is of course no stranger to controversy – when it comes to blogs and malicious speculations from Netizens, there’s no doubt he’s already a dab hand. Zhao Lusi really couldn’t have asked for a better person to leave her with that nugget of wisdom he says he has always subscribed to: “the world is a challenging place and the trials will be numerous. Clench your teeth and stand tall!”

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