Hu Ge Defends Studio Against Criticisms About His Recent Photos Being Low Quality

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Hu Ge

Ten points to Hu Ge for being such a great boss. The Blossoms Shanghai 繁花 star spoke up to defend his team when fans criticised the poor selection of photos shared by his Studio for being blurry and low quality. “I selected these four photos myself. Anyone unhappy about my choices should scold me instead” defended the actor on the comments section. He also explained that he doesn’t know whether it’s the industry norm for studios to release photos right away but he’s the type of person who won’t even post selfies well. Hu Ge asks fans not to be too critical and nitpick rashly since everyone in the team worked really hard.

To further support his claim that the photos were indeed his choice and also to drive home two points, the star shared the internal back and forth with his team discussing what to post online. “First, I am not shielding anyone. Brother Dashu (BigTree) took a lot of photos, and really, I was the one who selected these four photos reflecting a “Halloween Mood”. Secondly, it was way past nine in the evening and I just returned to the set to film. Meanwhile, the team were still stuck on the road. These photos were all selected and uploaded whilst everyone was still in the car. Everybody worked very hard on this, and these are (behind the scenes) details you don’t often realise.

Hu Ge Defends Hu Ge Studio
Hu Ge defends his team in the comments section of the post after fans criticised the choice of photos shared by his Studio

You really have to hand it to the star. In this day and age where the usual “response” is to keep mum and not to respond to critiques, or for the Studio to apologise. In fact, one would recall a similar incident with Huang Zitao who also stood up for his studio and even decided that he won’t be doing photoshoots anymore.

That said, let’s just appreciate the artsy feel of the photos for a change as I feel “posed” photos is an industry staple that won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

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Hu Ge Photo

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