Grace Chow Gives A Glimpse of Her Pre-Surgery Look with Photos from Childhood

Grace Chow
Grace Chow

Unlike other celebrities who’ve gone under the knife, Grace Chow has always been pretty candid about getting plastic surgery. In one of her recent posts, the internet celebrity reminisced about her childhood, sharing some photos of her growing up as well as the fun stories behind each picture. This also means we get a glimpse of how Grace looks like before getting plastic surgery.

In her post, Grace revealed she was originally named Zhou Xiaomeng 周晓濛 until she was six. “I know that Zhou Xiaomeng as a child and her grown-up version looks very different. However, since I’m willing to share this with you all, it means I don’t really mind what you have to say about me, so let’s not argue in the comments section because of this”. Regardless of whether you think pre-surgery Grace or her appearance now is way better, the internet celeb confidently said “what is certain is that whether it’s the younger Grace or the grown-up Grace, they are both cute!

Grace Chow

Following her controversial break-up with ex Show Luo, Grace Chow recently joined the 4th season of dating reality show Meeting Mr. Right 女儿们的恋爱 with boyfriend Luo Hao. However, the relationship was not meant to be as the couple broke up in the middle of an episode before she went on to meet other guys on the show.

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