Veteran Actress Leanne Liu Who’s Been Living Alone for Ten Years Opens the Doors to Her Life in a New Reality Show

Leanne Liu Xuehua
Screencap from Summer Refuge / Bilibili

Dramaland’s resident empress Leanne Liu is “shucking off” her imperial finery to give us a glimpse of her everyday life. In the Bilibili series Summer Refuge 屋檐之夏, the veteran actress surprised everyone by some of her habits as revealed in the show’s debut episode.

As one of the three senior “landlords” roped in to host young Shanghainese “drifters” (沪漂) as part of a multi-generational co-habiting experience, clips from the show reveal that Leanne keeps the TV on for 24 hours regardless of whether she’s awake or asleep in the living room and in her bedroom. The actress said that being such a routine sort of person – watching telly, feeding her dog, playing mahjong games on her phone and video chatting with her sister, she’d wondered what sort of content could the show possibly want to broadcast about her. “Because I’m a very boring person, I rarely go out and I don’t know how to play games or even surf the internet. In fact, I’m quite out of touch with modern life” she said.

Leanne also said that as a 62 year-old, she is most afraid of accidentally falling and that no one knows what happened to her. That’s why, she said, she also hired a housekeeper and a driver. “I think I’ll move to a nursing home in another ten years or so. At the very least, somewhere that offers medical care and other assisted services” added the actress.

Leanne in Summer Refuge

Leanne Liu is widely known as for her role in the 1983 Hong Kong series Young Dowager 少女慈禧. After moving to Taiwan, she gained fame for her performances in several adaptations of Chiung Yao’s works. In 1999, she married her screenwriter husband Yu-kun Teng who sadly fell to his death from a Shanghai apartment building in 2011.

One of Leanne’s recent projects saw her playing Xing Zhaolin’s cool and lovable grandma in You are My Destiny 你是我的命中注定 – the 2020 remake of the 2008 Taiwanese hit Fated to Love You starring Joe Chen and Ethan Ruan. It’s a bit of a departure from the imposing empress roles she’s usually been known to take and refreshing to see.

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