Youth With You’s Qin Zheng Niu Wei Was a Beijing Drifter In Her Youth

qin niu zheng wei
The second season of Youth With You 青春有你 is in full swing and just this weekend saw its first round of eliminations out of its 107 contestants. I should probably be used to it by now but whoa whittling down to 60 contestants still strikes me as quite ruthless in shows like this. Nevertheless, after a few articles about her and Kris Wu, I’ll admit that one of the participants I was a wee bit curious to see was Qin Niu Zheng Wei aka Luna Qin, and whether she was able to make the cut or if was she booted out this early in the competition. If you recall she was assigned to Class D after a very lackluster performance a few weeks ago.
Well not only did she manage to hang on to a spot in the competition, the show also gave her a chance to let audiences get to know her back story a little bit more. According to Luna, she was a beipiao (北漂) – kind of like a migrant worker who moved to Beijing to live and work without a residence permit. Luna revealed that she moved to Beijing when she was ten and has been hustling ever since, setting up stalls in and around the morning and night markets to earn an income. She also said that when she arrived in Beijing more than 10 years ago, all she had to eat for the day was a large flat bread that cost 2 RMB and lived in a two square meter space. Despite the hard times, she says she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way since it helped shape her into what she is now. 
Honestly, aside from the rumours of her dating Kris Wu, I don’t really know much about her. So it’s good that the human interest part of the show gave us all a chance to see a much different side of her, especially when she clearly had a set of expectations and a reputation to break away from.
esther yu xu jiaqi
Meanwhile, is it any surprise that Esther Yu managed to nab the top spot in the first round of eliminations? The Find Yourself actress turned contestant edged out fellow idol contestant Xu Jiaqi by a cool 6.3 million votes. 
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