Ni Ni and Deng Lun Find a Love That Transcends Time and Space in “Night Wanderer”

Barring a cameo in the sports romance Skate into Love and stints in anthology dramas like Faith Makes Great, it’s been two years since we last saw Allen Deng Lun working on a proper drama. Of course there was his film collab The Yin Yang Master: Dream of Eternity with Mark Chao. But aside from this, it appears the actor got quite a kick out of working on variety shows that he’s kept busy with in recent years. He’s now back though in the upcoming time travel drama The Night Wanderer 夜旅人with actress Ni Ni no less.

Taking place within two parallel worlds, The Night Wanderer follows the love story between modern day forensic expert Zong Ying (Ni Ni) and lawyer Sheng Qingrang (Deng Lun), both of whom live in the same apartment except he’s from 1937 Republican Shanghai. At exactly ten in the evening on July 11 just as the corridor lamp flickers off, two worlds collide in this drama adaptation of novelist Zhao Xi Zhi’s novel of the same name, where a love transcending both time and space is born.

Since the filming ceremony was announced on July 20, 2021, there’s been no updates on the drama until recently when a new trailer was released during the iQIYI iJoy Conference. While there were some reservations that Ni Ni’s mature elegance might not go well with Deng Lun’s boyish charm, they blow it out of the park in 1930’s fashion, not to mention they look good together as a whole.

New posters have also dropped with the words “Coming Soon.” Let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later. The cast also includes Uvin Wang Yuwen in a special starring role, Chloe Gao Ye, Wang Duo, Liu Runnan and more.

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