Actor Deng Lun and Chinese Olympic Gold Medalist Wu Dajing Make Cameos in “Skate Into Love”

Wow, last night’s big premiere for Skate Into Love 冰糖炖雪梨 starring Janice Wu Qian, Steven Zhang Xincheng and Zhou Lijie clearly didn’t hesitate to pull in the big guns when Deng Lun’s fiery Xufeng () from Ashes of Love reappears in an ironic twist as ice god Xufeng () – yep, same name, different character sans the period costume and long hair. Deng Lun’s cameo in the series isn’t such a surprise in itself since show producer Andy Liu Ning already shared this bit of news with us previously, but I truly wasn’t expecting him to make an appearance right at the very start of the series! 

Oh and when I said BIG guns, I really meant BIG (at least in the skating world) because what do you know, Skate Into Love’s production team just casually threw in Olympic gold medalist and speed skating superstar Wu Dajing into the mix! Wu Dajing appears as himself in the drama and because the series is the very first of its kind to have a skating theme, Wu Dajing also doubles as a technical expert who’ll help the drama’s lead actors keep their skating skills in tip top shape. Things are definitely off to a COOL start don’t you think?
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