Yang Mi and Deng Lun Hug Like Old Friends as They Reunite for Reality Show Great Escape 2

yang mi deng lun
Eternal Love and Ashes of Love are hands down my top 2 favorite xianxia romance dramas, so please allow me to gush over how adorable this is. 

The Chinese version of the reality show Great Escape 密室大逃脱 will soon return for a second season as shooting has begun on April 11 in Guangzhou. As a crowd gathered outside the building where they were located, it was easy to figure out who’s returning and who’s new. Regulars Yang Mi, Deng Lun and Justin Huang Minghao are joined by the newcomers – singer-songwriter Wowkie (Da Zhangwei) and crosstalk actor Guo Qilin who was lovable as the comedic brother in Joy of Life
yang mi deng lun hug
But the best moment of all is Yang Mi looking ecstatic upon seeing Deng Lun again and walking over with her arms wide open to give him a hug. The two have worked together several times in variety programs not only in Great Escape but also in Palace Museum 上新了·故宫, so it’s not surprising to see that they’ve become friends. In the past season, Deng Lun earned a reputation for being the scaredy cat of the group while Yang Mi would be somewhat of a prankster. 
Actor Wei Daxun was among the six cast members of the first season. He and Yang Mi were caught in repeated dating rumors last year which he’s denied once, yet the gossip didn’t stop and soon turned to breakup rumors. Since he wasn’t present, it seems possible that he won’t be returning at all. 
great escape season 1 cast
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