Jerry Yan’s Fitness Secret? His 20KG Backpack

Jerry Yan at rehearsals for Call Me By Fire

Jerry Yan drops by the Definition 2021 定义 set with fellow Call Me By Fire contestant Zhang Qi to have a chat with the show’s host Yi Lijing. The trio’s conversation somehow veered towards whether Jerry still carried around the giant rucksack he’s been seen toting around as early as 2002. Back then, he said he’s had his bag for eight years. Although that rucksack is long gone by now, no doubt breaking what with all the stuff the Meteor Garden star carried weighing as much as 20kg, the actor sheepishly admitted that his new one… is even heavier.

Jerry Yan and Zhang Qi
Jerry Yan and Zhang Qi

Meanwhile, Zhang Qi quickly chimed in to describe how Jerry always made a heavy thumping sound whenever he was walking up the stairs. He said that because Jerry enjoys working out and that his muscles were so well defined, his rucksack even contained dumbbells. Jerry admits to his co-star that he was just kidding, that his bag doesn’t really have dumbbells.

Nonetheless, watching the crew member who brought out the rucksack in question carry it using both hands is enough to tell you that it is heavy! Likewise, Yi Lijing too didn’t have an easy time lifting it off the floor even if she did say she lifts weights when she works out. Guess constantly toting around a 20kg “weight” for close to twenty years was the 44-year-old actor’s secret to keeping his body toned after all? No time to lift weights at the gym? Not a problem when his trusty rucksack is on hand.

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