Lelush Confirms He’s Okay After a Visit to the ER

Lelush getting his moves on

Russian model Lelush may have ironically risen to fame for his desperation to be eliminated from the survival reality show Chuang 2021, but that certainly doesn’t mean he’s completely closing his doors to doing anymore reality TV. But wait ‘til you hear what the former idol (non)hopeful signed up to join recently – a boxing reality show featuring both celebs and professional boxing champs entitled Never Say Never 拳力以赴的我們! That’s quite an unexpected turnaround from an idol show and even more dangerous as Lelush was just sent to the ER in an ambulance after an accident on set.

According to insiders, the model participated in a very exciting first round in the show but almost couldn’t compete in the second round due to intense pain. By the time the third round came, Lelush had to be given an emergency shot of pain killers to numb the pain before being taken away by ambulance.


All seems to be well now with him taking to social media to assure everyone that he is fine. “Don’t worry, boxing really is like this” he said. Likewise, Lelush Studio also reposted his message, thanking everyone for their concern and promising to follow doctor’s orders to a T for his recuperation.

Additionally, Never Say Never’s host Shen Mengchen later revealed that the model had already fractured his ribs but kept the news of his injury to himself. He didn’t inform the program team and endured the pain secretly in an effort to stay in the competition. You really have to admire his determination as not everyone can grit their teeth and soldier on from a fractured rib to ensure they won’t get kicked off a competition.

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