Russian Model Lelush Finally Free to Roam After “Chuang 2021”

Russian Model Lelush Finally Free to Roam After "Chuang 2021"

The story of Vladislav Ivanov aka Lelush is one that truly defies expectations. Lelush unwittingly became a contestant on the Chinese reality show Chuang 2021, yet made headlines for hoping to be eliminated.

Lelush who was a part-time model from Vladivostok, Russia simply wanted to go back to modelling. He couldn’t pay the fees to break his contract which was why he had to stay. However, he stayed on week after week and grew further in popularity. Fortunately for Lelush, his official fan club decided to respect his wishes and stop voting for him before the final round of eliminations which led to his eventual departure.

However, it hasn’t stopped the beloved Russian model from trending on the Weibo hot search. Lelush was recently spotted walking around Sanlitun, a bustling nightlife scene in Beijing. Netizens were amused at how freely he walked even though everyone around him must have recognized him. They were also amazed that no one dared to approach. There’s been so many cases of celebrities hounded by fans in China. Lelush’s desperation to be free has made him very popular online, so it’s refreshing to see people doing what’s right and keeping their distance to give him his privacy.

Russian Model Lelush Finally Free to Roam After "Chuang 2021"

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