“Chuang 2021” Trainee Lelush Advances Again Despite Wanting to be Eliminated

"Chuang 2021" Trainee Lelush Advances Again Despite Not Wanting to be There

Russian trainee Lelush (利路修) who is among the countless male contestants vying for a spot in Chuang 2021 has been wanting to go home since the start of the show. However, his desperation to leave seems to be having the opposite effect as viewers who like Lelush have been voting for him to stay on. 

At the announcement of the second ranking results on April 3, R1SE member Zhou Zhennan called on Lelush and Wang Xiaochen who were roommates and friends to announce their rankings. Addressing Lelush, Zhou Zhennan opened with the words, “With much regret,…” Lelush’s expression turns into a little smile at the thought that he’s finally been eliminated but Zhou Zhennan goes on to congratulate him for ranking 21st out of the 33 remaining contestants. Meanwhile, his roommate Wang Xiaochen who ranked 45th was among the 22 trainees who did not make the cut. 

According to reports, Lelush who’s never participated on a survival show before ended up on Chuang 2021 because production wanted to form an international male group so they were looking for foreign contestants. Lelush was a Chinese teacher for Japanese trainees Amu and Yuu when he was scouted for his good looks and invited to join the show 5 days before filming started. Lelush has repeatedly expressed being done with the show. The first time his fans broke one million, he said, “Let me go.” After he made it through the first round of eliminations, he thanked fans for their support but said they can support him in many other ways because he is really very tired. He thinks it’s a bit wrong to give him the spot even though he doesn’t dance or sing while people who wanted to stay have left.

For his speech during the second round of eliminations, Lelush said, “I want to say it again, thank you to my friend Wang Xiaochen. With regards to my ranking, based on to the rules of the show, I won today, but for me, I’ve lost again because I really don’t want to be in a group. My dream is to make designs, to be free and to become a model. I’m grateful for the people who like me. I didn’t expect that I’d be standing here again. That’s it, that’s it.”

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