Greg Hsu Has a Message for South Korean Star Gong Yoo from His “Someday or One Day” Co-star Alice Ke

Someday or One Day event with Greg Hsu and Patrick Shih

Gong Yoo
 oppa, Saranghaeyo!” is what Someday or One Day star Greg Hsu said onscreen while addressing Korean viewers on camera. The actor joins co-star Patrick Shih together with producer Ma Yi-ting and screenwriters Lin Hsin-hui and Chien Chi-feng for an online event held by South Korean content market BCCW to promote the show. Alas, the Someday or One Day trio was incomplete as Alice couldn’t join due to a prior work commitment.

Greg Hsu’s bold profession of love for Gong Yoo elicited a good laugh amongst everybody there. When asked to explain, he said that it was the exact message Alice Ke had for Gong Yoo which Greg bashfully passed on, adorably saying “I love you” to the Hallyu star on her behalf. How cute is it for him to help his co-star fangirl and in Korean no less.

Greg Hsu with co-stars Alice Ke and Patrick Shih

The Taiwanese hit drama Someday or One Day has steadily been gaining a following in South Korea in recent years with a Korean version also confirmed to be in the works. Fans of the time-travelling romance drama will have to wait for a bit for the remake, but they can surely get their fill of the original Taiwanese version which is currently available for a special 13-episode theatre release in Korea due to popular demand.

Greg Hsu

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