Someday or One Day to be Made Into a Movie with the Same Leads, Says Patrick Shih

Patrick Shih
Patrick Shih confirms that a Someday or One Day movie is in the works
Patrick Shih at a Bulgari event where he revealed the exciting news about the Someday or One Day movie

Runaway hit Taiwanese drama Someday or One Day 想见你 continues to reap the fruits of its success a year after the airing of its finale. Like it or not, the Someday or One Day train is not ready to go anywhere just yet, what with a Korean remake now confirmed to be in the works and a movie version just announced by one of the show’s original stars Patrick Shih no less!

Yep, you read that right. Patrick spilled the tea about this at a press event. What’s more, if you’re already giddy with excitement, then the news that the original trio of Patrick, Greg Hsu and Alice Ke will be returning to reprise their roles for the movie version should make you doubly ecstatic!

While Patrick has been careful not to reveal anything about the movie’s storyline, he did say that filming will already begin in a few month’s time. He also adds that he’s very much looking forward to this project. Because the three co-stars have pretty much bonded and are comfortable with each other, he says he doesn’t feel as much pressure anymore.

Patrick Shih with co-stars Greg Hsu and Alice Ke  in Someday or One Day

Right after the series ended last year, there had been rumours that a Chinese spin off of the Taiwan series is being planned with Chen Linong and Zhou Jieqiong headlining the project. Fans at the time were naturally quite wary whether it’d be as good as the original. Well, now that a movie version with the original cast has been confirmed, I suppose the only thing fans are left to worry about now is whether the storyline will pan out or not.

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