Xu Kai Slams Stalker Behavior of Live Streaming Him from His Hotel Room Door

Xu Kai has been in the public eye lately with back to back dramas. This year alone, three of his dramas – Court Lady, Ancient Love Poetry and Falling Into Your Smile have aired. Since his rise to fame through Story of Yanxi Palace in 2018, Xu Kai has been on the receiving end of outrageous fan behavior from people knocking on his door in the middle of the night to being mobbed and left with a broken phone.

On July 31, Xu Kai took to social media to say, “Is it reasonable to follow me to take photos, tailgate my car and follow me to my room door while livestreaming me? Is this moral?” It seems the actor couldn’t take it anymore that he has decided to speak out.

The night before, his studio had issued a statement condemning such behavior, “In recent days, Mr. Xu Kai frequently encountered acts of harassment from daipai (substitute photographers), people following him to take photos and some even following all the way to the door of Xu Kai’s hotel room to stream live. The aforementioned behavior has seriously affected Mr. Xu Kai’s work and life and seriously violated Mr. Xu Kai’s privacy and other rights.

In response to the above behavior, we call for and solemnly declare the following:

  1. We do not support nor promote any irrational star-chasing behavior and hope that everyone will resist such behavior together.
  2. Relevant personnel are requested to immediately stop the above behaviors. For those who do not understand, we will take measures to pursue their legal liabilities in accordance with the law.

Finally, thank you all for your attention and love for Mr. Xu Kai. Mr. Xu Kai will also meet you in the best state and at a moderate distance in public!”

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