Xu Kai asks for respect after fan invades privacy

Xu Kai asks for respect after fan invades privacy
Xu Kai
Being a celebrity is not easy. You become famous and start earning more but all that takes a toll on your personal life. The more famous you are, the harder it is to walk down the street without people breathing down your neck. 

Xu Kai has had his share of crazy fans since the young star rose to fame as Fuheng in the hit series Story Of Yanxi Palace. He has continued to act in costume dramas and recently stars as the romantic lead in The Legends. After Qu Chuxiao’s recent rant about obsessive fans on social media, Xu Kai is the next to air his frustrations online.  

Some fan apparently knocked on Xu Kai’s door in the middle of the night.  He wrote on weibo, “I don’t know who the fan is, but don’t knock on my door and order me takeout food.  Respect each other, can you?” Xu Kai has deleted the post, but it has put the spotlight on the issue of celebrity’s having personal space.  
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